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The best approach to improve efficiency of work and life
March 12, 2019 at 08:17

That is to write down the tasks to be completed, and after completed one you may mark √. It can save a lot of time and overcome the problems of delay, forgetting, and inefficiency, turn passive into active and have more motivating in labor.

The reason why it is inefficient is because forgetting, many things that need to be done are forgotten. Recording can overcome forgetting. One by one mark the task is actually the most inspiring, and I intend to make it a tool for netizens to use.

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The meaning of life is that every day is the beginning
October 05, 2018 at 10:10

The meaning of life is that there is no beginning, no end. No matter how old you are, every day is the beginning of life. Just because every day can be the beginning of life, we must put down the troubles of the past and throw away the bad habits of the past.

The depths of the soul are full of joy, and joy is true love and true freedom. All kinds of bad habits and bad thoughts around you are always affecting you. The meaning of life is always to filter out these bad energy and turn it into good energy.

Because everyone is also a beginning and center in a group. Herd mentality is very dangerous many times. Something good, you should learn and carry forward. Something bad, don't be in the crowd.

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Shopping online
March 09, 2017 at 09:16

With the development of the e-commerce, more and more people intent to do the shopping online. There are many advantages of online shopping, yet there are some disadvantages too.

On the one hand, the online shopping are very convenient. Unlike the physical stores, there is no limit of time for you to do the shopping online. And you can find anything in the online store, some of which you may hardly buy at the local. And also, the price is relatively transparent, you can choose the affordable one to buy.

On the other hand, since the goods are only presented by the pictures and descriptions, it is hard to tell its reality, so you might have bought something you don’t like, or even the fake one. Of course you can ask for the after service, but it will increase your cost of the time. And the advertisements on the online shops may make you spend much more money on online shopping without being conscious.

Anyway, the online shopping makes the shopping easier, but please do it with rationality.

Sure enough, the child boss thought for a moment and agreed to the price. The next step is to sign the contract, but I can tell that the news of Shen Xing has moved to spoil. In order to fight for a sigh of relief, he took the account period to fight for the boss business. Zhou Ying worked hard for three months, waiting for today, how can it let the money of the hand fly away? She took the Shen Xing's collar and walked into the partial room, ready to teach this uneasy guy. Shen Xingzhao also saw this business opportunity that can make a big profit, and he was determined to compete with Zhou Ying. The current situation is that the two are either win-win or lose together.
That year, the flower is opened in the round of the 29th episode of the stills Shen Xing moved to destroy Zhou Ying’s business.

But Zhou Ying didn't want to let Lee so easily, and then he talked about it. Shen Xing moved to escape, but instead took her foot and pressed her to sit down, her face smirking and talking about her plans. He inquired about Zhou Ying’s weakness, which means that the account period cannot be delayed.

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Advantages of University Town
March 05, 2017 at 16:08

Nowadays, in some big cities, the government has built the college town. I have been to visit many college towns, I was so impressed by the beautiful environment. College town is the trend, because it has many good sides.

On the one hand, college town provides students all kinds of study sources. In the college town, there are many colleges, different colleges major in different subjects, as these schools are nearby, so the students can go to visit the schools and have communication with other students. They can share the opinion and experience.

On the other hand, the college town is always far away from the downtown, so it creates a quiet environment for students to study. When I went to visit the college town in Guangzhou, I was impressed by the clean and quiet environment. In some schools, many commercial shops have moved into the campus, which distract the students from study. But the college town pays attention to the study phenomenon.

I appreciate the college town’s study phenomenon and its clean environment. In the future, more and more college towns will be built.

Zhou Ying sat in the city's cotton, attracting the big business owner boss. In order not to lose face, Wang Shijun specially prepared some scenes for her. After a preparation, “Little Grandma” Zhou Ying made a debut while she recited her words. She was fairly comfortable at the beginning of the game. She could listen to the words of the child boss and more and more Wen Zou Zou, knowing that the cheat sheet he had played was not enough, so he had to quickly open the door to talk about cotton prices.

The child boss is old and steady, and he is not worried about the price. But Zhou Ying is calm and relaxed, and the price is reduced to one hundred and ten, and it will never be loose. She had already inquired about the details, knowing that the good cotton on the good looks was in her own hands, and the child boss could never go back empty-handed. Nowadays, things are rare, and there is a bottom in the hand.

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Winners' rewards: gold medal
March 02, 2017 at 18:24

It is known to all that olympic games holds every four years, so it is the greatest stage for the players. They work so hard to stand in the highest place and win the golden medal. A golden medal means fame and money, even the glory of a country. Golden medal is important, but the spirit of the sports will not defined by it.

Everybody cares about the golden medal. For the audience, they count the number of the golden medal and hope their countries will rank the good place, so that they will feel proud of their countries. For the players, they need the golden medal to prove themselves. They have practised so hard and a golden medal is the best result. They can fight for their motherlands and it is wonderful to bring honor.

But competition is cruel, so many athletes join and only one can stand on the top. Golden medal is of great importance, while the spirit of competition is above all. A athlete should not be denied by not winning the first place. Enjoying the competition and do the best are the right attitude.

Zhou Ying iron heart Wujiandong hospital back to cleanse their grievances, to recover the shares due. Zhou Laosi see her this way, only to find Shen Xing move to persuade her. Shen Xing Xing Ying Ying moved back to life, but found that this woman simply do not want to go it alone, Wooshenbao alive. As a man, he admired this backbone, had agreed to let her go, but also hope she can be safe.
That year blooming moon is still a drama (Zhou Ying determined to return to the East

Zhou Ying calm for the first time, Shen Xing moved and said thank you. Although these two words seem to be floating, the movement of Shen Xing at the moment is not the same. Days in the past not fast, he and Zhou Ying have said with laughter. A lot of things happened later, leading to the opposite of the two people. Thank you now, perhaps a new starting point for the two relations.

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Why does ebook attract me?
March 01, 2017 at 10:14

Internet has changed they way we live, it faciliates our lives with high effeciency. We use computer to work and to keep in touch with our friends. The new technology brings the challenge of the traditional way of reading. Many young people prefer ebook and I am the fan of it.

Since the coming of the ebook, I start to avoid using the printed books. The ebook has a lot of advantages, first, it is very convenient. There are all kinds of sources, I can find what I want to read, and then just download. What’s more, I can read the ebook anytime, I just need to take out my smart phone and open it. While the printed book is not convenient to take away, it is heavy.

The new function of ebook attracts me a lot. Some ebooks now was equipped with the voice, we can listen to it. Sometimes I will be tired of reading books with my eyes, because my eyes will not feel well for reading a long time. Then I can open the MP3, listening to the voice and think about the story.

Ebook is the new way of reading, it will be more popular.

Du Mingli came to Shen, Shen Sihai hastened to express my thanks. He wanted to get a sum of money expressed, Du Mingli unexpectedly refused the money, said to let him continue to take over military orders, and even back behind the horse rations and other opportunities. This gift is like heaven down the chance, let's become the crown of Shen Jingyang chance, Shen quickly knelt down and bowed.

The case after Zhao Baishi was promoted to prefect of Xi'an, his head was still trying to clarify the officials. But Mr. Zhang told him to be a little pragmatic and to pay more attention to Du Mingli's movements. Du Mingli saw Gu Yue return for medicine closed, speaking of Hu Cunzhi times, because Wu Yuwen did not know why he wants to leave the trap for things. Today, Du Mingli had not NianJiu love for him around, but Hu Cunzhi will not be closed, but by a sword the Lord Beller.

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