The attitude to the gold medal

Desmond posted on January 25, 2017 at 18:24

For every player, standing in the stage of Olympic Game and then winning the golden medal are their biggest dream. People also pay much attention to the golden medal and they put great hope on the players. Winning the first place is perfect but every player is a hero.

In France, people paied much attention to the golden medal before. Many players worked so hard to fight for the first place. When they did not stand on the highest place, people were so hard on them and thought they were losers. Most people misunderstood the spirit of sport, as they only cared for the golden medal.

But today, people change their attitude towards golden medal. People keep their eyes on the instant news of Olympic Games. When the media reported the result, even the players did not win the medal, a lot of them showed their respect to the players and inspired them to keep moving on. It is such a good change for people realizing the spirit of sport.

Every player derserves to be respected and given applause, no matter what the result is.

Wu Yuwen visited the DPRK relations and found that the case of falsely falsely was related to Beller, and Du Mingli was his man. Wu decided to explore hired Du Mingli tune, he was invited to dinner. In the course of the day, an eagle, who was not taming, broke up and almost hurt Wu. The protection of the skin, Han master and Du Mingli Wu hired servant check Kun meet, suddenly found Kun get attracted the attention of Wu hired bayonet. He always felt seen where, after going back home rummaging around the books.

That bloom on a perfect circle (with Du Mingli stills Han Master Wu hired servant protection check Kun meet, see Wu hired Western knife check Kun)

Some people come to pull Zhou Ying, I did not think that this thin woman strength is surprisingly big. She screamed not to go, wait for me. A sound, the exhaustion of whole body strength, also shouted all my life.

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