Some sentences that break children

Desmond posted on February 08, 2017 at 13:40

It is said that parents are the children’s best teachers. Indeed, childen spend most of the time to stay with parents, so they imitate their habits. So the good parents have their ways to educate children, while some hurt their kids by saying the following sentences. Such the following five.

1. You Idiot
Some parents will say it when the children make mistakes. Acutally, the words of inspiration can work much better.

2. Shut up
A rude parent will call their children to be quiet when the kids are making noise or giving their opinion. A good listener is much better than a judger. So let the children give their words.

3. I will never supervise you
Parents like to force their kids to do what they want and treat the kids’ doing as none sense. Once they are angry, they will hurt the kids by saying of leaving them alone. The kids should be respected.

4. When you get the full mark, I will buy...
Most parents like to encourage their kids with full mark. Actually, the meaning of study is to get improvement instead of being the study machine.

5. You only know how to play
It is kids’nature and right to play, so parents should not force them to focus on study all the time.

When the former Zhou Ying was still in the house of Shen, she was so dismissive to herself. Until now, he came to save her, but he was still ruthlessly trampled. Xing Sheng moved out angrily, climbed up the tree and feel unwilling, just to see someone, but proudly shouted: "Zhou Ying, I have to charge you for this life!"

Zhou old four heard the movement, thought Zhou Ying had no way to stay and thanked Xing Sheng. But at the moment the master dandyism inside a dejecting, seems to be that a call stunned. For the first time in life, Xing Sheng moved to reflect on whether he was nothing, as if the girl said nothing.

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