Advantages of University Town

Desmond posted on March 05, 2017 at 16:08

Nowadays, in some big cities, the government has built the college town. I have been to visit many college towns, I was so impressed by the beautiful environment. College town is the trend, because it has many good sides.

On the one hand, college town provides students all kinds of study sources. In the college town, there are many colleges, different colleges major in different subjects, as these schools are nearby, so the students can go to visit the schools and have communication with other students. They can share the opinion and experience.

On the other hand, the college town is always far away from the downtown, so it creates a quiet environment for students to study. When I went to visit the college town in Guangzhou, I was impressed by the clean and quiet environment. In some schools, many commercial shops have moved into the campus, which distract the students from study. But the college town pays attention to the study phenomenon.

I appreciate the college town’s study phenomenon and its clean environment. In the future, more and more college towns will be built.

Zhou Ying sat in the city's cotton, attracting the big business owner boss. In order not to lose face, Wang Shijun specially prepared some scenes for her. After a preparation, “Little Grandma” Zhou Ying made a debut while she recited her words. She was fairly comfortable at the beginning of the game. She could listen to the words of the child boss and more and more Wen Zou Zou, knowing that the cheat sheet he had played was not enough, so he had to quickly open the door to talk about cotton prices.

The child boss is old and steady, and he is not worried about the price. But Zhou Ying is calm and relaxed, and the price is reduced to one hundred and ten, and it will never be loose. She had already inquired about the details, knowing that the good cotton on the good looks was in her own hands, and the child boss could never go back empty-handed. Nowadays, things are rare, and there is a bottom in the hand.

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