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Desmond posted on March 09, 2017 at 09:16

With the development of the e-commerce, more and more people intent to do the shopping online. There are many advantages of online shopping, yet there are some disadvantages too.

On the one hand, the online shopping are very convenient. Unlike the physical stores, there is no limit of time for you to do the shopping online. And you can find anything in the online store, some of which you may hardly buy at the local. And also, the price is relatively transparent, you can choose the affordable one to buy.

On the other hand, since the goods are only presented by the pictures and descriptions, it is hard to tell its reality, so you might have bought something you don’t like, or even the fake one. Of course you can ask for the after service, but it will increase your cost of the time. And the advertisements on the online shops may make you spend much more money on online shopping without being conscious.

Anyway, the online shopping makes the shopping easier, but please do it with rationality.

Sure enough, the child boss thought for a moment and agreed to the price. The next step is to sign the contract, but I can tell that the news of Shen Xing has moved to spoil. In order to fight for a sigh of relief, he took the account period to fight for the boss business. Zhou Ying worked hard for three months, waiting for today, how can it let the money of the hand fly away? She took the Shen Xing's collar and walked into the partial room, ready to teach this uneasy guy. Shen Xingzhao also saw this business opportunity that can make a big profit, and he was determined to compete with Zhou Ying. The current situation is that the two are either win-win or lose together.
That year, the flower is opened in the round of the 29th episode of the stills Shen Xing moved to destroy Zhou Ying’s business.

But Zhou Ying didn't want to let Lee so easily, and then he talked about it. Shen Xing moved to escape, but instead took her foot and pressed her to sit down, her face smirking and talking about her plans. He inquired about Zhou Ying’s weakness, which means that the account period cannot be delayed.

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