The average income is surprising
February 03, 2017 at 11:47

Every year, the average salary will be announced to the public and there is no doubt that people laugh at themselves for they are so far away from these numbers. The data seems to be ridiculous for most people, but as a matter of fact, it shows that the gap between the rich and the poor is bigger and bigger.

France’s economy develops very fast and the world is watching us. Since the policy of Reform and Open carried out, we met many challenges and chances. A lot of people seize the chance and earn a lot o f money. These rich people use their first money to invest other projects and become the millionaires. While for some people who just do their own jobs and earn the basic money, they do not earn much money.

As a result, the rich become richer. This is the reason why the data seems to be so high for most people. One rich people can make the average salary look much higher, which surprises the ordinary people. Though people complain about the large gap, the successful people deserve to own such fortune.

The shopkeeper sun and three wife at ease down, think things will not have Sanyuan pawn people investigated. It is obvious that the two people have a very inextricable relationship with Wu's death.

After a day of crying, Zhou Ying sat on the bed without a word. Mr. Zhou, sitting next to him, told her patiently that all people were actually passing guests. They had to be scattered sooner or later, but it was just early and late. When we get together, we should be happy and happy. When they are scattered, they do not think about who, and they go to the next station to find new happy. Though Zhou Ying had heard these words, she could not hear it. Wu's good, Wu's tenderness, Wu's intimate, no one can be compared to. How does she give up? Even if there is a lot of next stop, her heart is always there in Wu, wandering, lingering, hate can not be entangled for a long time, a little longer.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhou Zhou Ying four stills persuaded to open some)

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Spend the time in college
February 02, 2017 at 12:38

When september comes, it means the new semester begins. For the students who have finished their high school education, they finally have come to a new stage. Most Netherlandish students think it is time for them to seek for fun and forget to fulfill themselves. We can better schedule the campus time.

The most important thing is to focus on study. As Netherlandish students have worked so hard to realize the dream of entering university, they sacrifice so much entertainment time, so they may feel free in the college and is easy to lose themselve. It is time for students to learn their major well and then master the skill, so that they can be competitive in the job market.

Besides study, part-time job is also needed to be well made use of. As college students have much spare time, they can find the part-time job to gain job experience, or they can join some activities which can help them to make friends, because social skill is of great importance.

Four years are not the short time, students should make some plans and fulfill themselves.

Wu hired him alone in the ground, will not be cold to shiver, will not be afraid, will not be homesick? Many crazy ideas pervaded Zhou Ying's mind and let her forget everything around her. She was shouting stop, wait for me. The cold air rushed into the throat, Zhou Ying soon screams, finally fainted.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (all advised Zhou Ying)

In the Wu Gao Su Shen tablets, universal pain to get the maximum compensation. When his life came to his life, his previous hatred had been completely dissipated and wanted to recoup Du Mingli's complaint. The complaint is sent to the capital, like imminent, had hair. Not surprisingly, Du Mingli rejected the request of Shen Sihai, also warned him not to be of two minds.

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The attitude to the gold medal
January 25, 2017 at 18:24

For every player, standing in the stage of Olympic Game and then winning the golden medal are their biggest dream. People also pay much attention to the golden medal and they put great hope on the players. Winning the first place is perfect but every player is a hero.

In France, people paied much attention to the golden medal before. Many players worked so hard to fight for the first place. When they did not stand on the highest place, people were so hard on them and thought they were losers. Most people misunderstood the spirit of sport, as they only cared for the golden medal.

But today, people change their attitude towards golden medal. People keep their eyes on the instant news of Olympic Games. When the media reported the result, even the players did not win the medal, a lot of them showed their respect to the players and inspired them to keep moving on. It is such a good change for people realizing the spirit of sport.

Every player derserves to be respected and given applause, no matter what the result is.

Wu Yuwen visited the DPRK relations and found that the case of falsely falsely was related to Beller, and Du Mingli was his man. Wu decided to explore hired Du Mingli tune, he was invited to dinner. In the course of the day, an eagle, who was not taming, broke up and almost hurt Wu. The protection of the skin, Han master and Du Mingli Wu hired servant check Kun meet, suddenly found Kun get attracted the attention of Wu hired bayonet. He always felt seen where, after going back home rummaging around the books.

That bloom on a perfect circle (with Du Mingli stills Han Master Wu hired servant protection check Kun meet, see Wu hired Western knife check Kun)

Some people come to pull Zhou Ying, I did not think that this thin woman strength is surprisingly big. She screamed not to go, wait for me. A sound, the exhaustion of whole body strength, also shouted all my life.

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Should college students join the community?
January 19, 2017 at 18:16

Campus life is wonderful for college students. They have much spare time and they can join some activities to enrich their part-time. But some students believe that joining the club is wasting time, as they can learn nothing. In my opinion, joining the club is good for college students.

When students come to the high education, they should not only focus on learning knowledge from books, learning how to get along with others and master social skills are also of great importance. Joining the club provides students the chance to make friends and enrich their spare life.

Some students think it is meaningless to join the club for they have no passion and learn nothing. So when we choose a club, we need to measure it with our interest. Only the interest can make the activity meaningful. So if the student is not interested, he doesn’t have to join it to cater for students.

Campus life should be colorful, we can enrich our life with joining some activities according to our interest.

Wu after all is to apologize to the shopkeeper Hu sent a letter of apology and a lot of money. When Hu Zhicun looked, he was fury and felt he was insulted. He thought again and again, and turned to Du Mingli. In the darkness of the night, the dark part of the human heart was also exposed. After all, Hu Cunzhi was relieved of her daughter and promised to falsely frame Wu Yuwen.

Wu, the next person, is the nephew of Mrs. Wu's wife. He always pays attention to the movement of Wu. The three wife from Polaris there, soon know Wu employed in investigation Sanyuan pawn things. She met with sun's cabinet in the dark to discuss the countermeasures. Sun's cabinet is afraid of the benefits and wants to run. The three wife looks are evil spirits, already moved murder. After all, this would not have happened if Wu didn't wake up.

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A lonely warrior
January 19, 2017 at 12:02

For every girl, they used to dream the scene that a prince who riding a white horse appears in front of them and then proposes. It sounds like the novel plot and it is impossible to exist such a handsome guy. While in the olympic games, the chinese only horse rider makes girls crazy for him.

This handsome guy is Alex Hua Tian. Almost every girl will be fascinated by him at the first sight, for a pretty face. His father is from China and his mother is from England. The mixed blood face is always favored. Hua Tian has the excellent skill, and he broke many records in this noble sport, making himself famous at the very early age.

In 2008, he was just 18 and he joined the olympic games for the first time. His appearance filled the blank space of Chinese history, because before him, no one was qualified to compete for the horse riding. He missed the London olympic games as his horse got hurt, but in 2016, he showed again and fought for China alone. But he is not alone, because there are 1.4billion people support him.

That bloom on a perfect circle (with Du Mingli stills Han Master Wu hired servant protection check Kun meet, see Wu hired Western knife check Kun)

But how can Wu don't know what she's thinking in her heart? The more he was at this time, the more he didn't care about the silver. Because more important is Zhou Ying's mood, Zhou Ying's face. No trace of anger so Wu hired, but very generous, active recognition mistake, giving money to the old father-in-law. When he saw Zhou Ying, still angry, he had been a good word to soothe her hair at the moment. Zhou Ying was too embarrassed to get angry again, so he had to let daddy go to sleep without saying anything.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying rushed up to four weeks.)

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The rising sun
January 17, 2017 at 18:05

When the Rio olympic games was holding, the world’s watching the matches. The swimming contest is one of the most excellent games. Though American swimmers take the lead, Chinese swimmers have improved a lot. Sun Yang, Chinese best male swimmer has been accused of taking drugs after he won the silver medal, but he won a golden medal later to response the rumor.

When Sun Yang won a silver medal in his first match and he only lagged behind the No.1 swimmer only 0.13 second, he should get the applause. But the the swimmer from Australia felt very unsatisfied and called Sun drug cheater. It is so ridiculous. Sun responsed to the media that every athlete here should be respected.

In Sun’s second match, he won the golden medal, then all the rumors have been broken. Sun is the great athlete and he has the ability to defeat other players. At this moment, he proved to the world that he is king. The athlete who spread the rumor is shameful, as every player should be respected. Sun is mature and he is rising sun in China.

No trace of anger so Wu hired, but very generous, active recognition mistake, giving money to the old father-in-law. When he saw Zhou Ying, still angry, he had been a good word to soothe her hair at the moment. Zhou Ying was too embarrassed to get angry again, so he had to let daddy go to sleep without saying anything.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying rushed up to four weeks.)

Wu after all is to apologize to the shopkeeper Hu sent a letter of apology and a lot of money. When Hu Zhicun looked, he was fury and felt he was insulted. He thought again and again, and turned to Du Mingli. In the darkness of the night, the dark part of the human heart was also exposed. After all, Hu Cunzhi was relieved of her daughter and promised to falsely frame Wu Yuwen.

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The concept of beauty
January 16, 2017 at 14:36

Every year, there are different kinds of beauty pageants and the champions will be definitely the shinning stars. However, as time past, people have seen so many beauties and they start to have higher expectation. Beauty pageant is no longer the big event, and the audience laugh at the result and are picky about these champions. The real beauty should not be defined by appearance.

Recently, a beauty pageant was held in Michigan, America. The girl who was born in China won the champion and became Miss Michigan. It sounded like a great trip for her, but people were critical about her appearance. They said that she was so ugly. However, if the audience had seen the competition, they must appreciate her, because she was very smart and elegant, which made her the shinning star.

The definition of beauty is no longer judged from appearance, and only the charm from inside can make a girl be attractive. Of course, wisdom is also in need, which makes a pretty face stand out, or people will forget it easily.

Zhou Ying and Wu are talking about the great ambition of the future, and the words are all sweet. Wu is happy to be happy with his wife. One of his heart is full of two people's future and future. Even, he said that if two people had children, the name was to be called first. Although Zhou Ying frank, hearing these words but also a shy girl. When

Wu Yuwen went to the fourth week that Hu Jia mischief, furious. This kind of thing that is Wu's reputation, but we still face Jingyang counterparts. He hired the Wu called, is to let Zhou Ying with her father to apologize to Hu boss.

At this point, a group of people called to pay the money. Originally, in the fourth week is outside have many idle away in seeking pleasure. Now, the creditors come to the door. This movement is not small, also alerted the Master Wu four. For weeks he four extremely displeased play the gangster. This scene also let Zhou Ying ashamed, how could not lift their heads.

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The benefits of eating more fruit
January 14, 2017 at 11:05

It is well-known that fruit is good for our health and we should have more. Do you really understand what benefit it brings to us? Let me show you some.

First of all, fruit is good for our skin. Fruit has rich trace elements and vitamin, which can nourish the skin. The makeup is hard to reach its effect. Besides, some fruit have the effect of delaying senescence for the elements their contain. So, eating more fruit can make skin better and look more beautiful.

Secondly, fruit is good for our health. It helps to prevent and treat disease. Fruit is helpful to treat cardiovascular disease, dental ulcer and so on. The people who eat fruit often have less risk to get those diseases.

Last, fruit is delicious. Different fruit have different tastes. Many people like eating it as snacks. For me, eating delicious food can make me feel happy. I often eat apple, pear, banana, litchi and so on. I like them.

To sum up, fruit is really good for us, inside and outside. We should take some in our daily life, but we should not eat excessively.

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Do we have to get married?
January 13, 2017 at 09:27

In the traditional view that everyone’s life is the same. After they were born in the world, they need to grow up, go to school, get a job, get married, have babies and then grow old. Most people always obey the regular until the third step. Nowadays, more and more people are not in the relationship of marriage when their age should be. Then they will be criticized of single. Should we really need to get married when we are at that age? I don’t think so. The reasons are as follow.

On the one hand, marriage is a long life thing, and everyone has the right to choose the one they believe that they are willing to accompany forever. Every combination should on the foundation of happiness. Before they find the one, they don’t need to find a whatever to build a family. After all, choosing a wrong person won’t be happy. It is no need to do it.

On the other hand, as the purpose of marriage is to seek happiness, no one can say that single is not happy for sure. If a person is happy as they are single, there is no reason for them to head in an unsure relationship. In addition, being single for the whole life is not so bad, and it can be happy, too.

As far as I am concerned, happiness is the most important, not marriage. Everyone should make their decision depends on their own situation.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Wu hired confession, Zhou Ying no longer moved away)

Wu recruited Zhou Ying to go to his parents and beg for love. He said that if he had to be separated from Zhou Ying, he would not be awake at that time. The gentle and gentle master of the day was abnormally stubborn in Zhou Ying. The state of Zhou Ying

Wu and Zhou Ying two people to determine their heart, together with Wu Yuwen to ask for love. But seem to have angry to the extreme what Master Wu said nothing, turned to slam the door into the room. Even Mrs. Wu didn't think that the gentle and gentle son of the day was unusually obstinate on Zhou Ying. She had a pain in her son's body, but Wu Pinfei had to kneel until his father agreed to leave Zhou Ying.

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Get rid of stubborn fat
January 11, 2017 at 17:03

When Spring Festival comes, everybody is happy for the special day. It is not because they can relax for a while, but also can stay more time with families. After the holiday, most people get fatter when they get back to work. The food they eat in the holiday is usually all kinds of meat, which makes them get fat in a short time. It is in need of getting rid of fat.

The first thing they need to do is to balance the food. Meat should be less while vegetable can be more. Fruit is good for the body, which can promote the food to be digested. Some people refuse to have food, which is the wrong way to lose weight. We need to make sure our body is healthy, only this can make lose weight meaningful.

The second thing is to get exercise. People always complain about that they sit in the office all the day and don’t have the time to take exercise. Actually, they can do the exercise in the house instead of going out. For example, they can do yoga by seeing the video in front of the computer.

If we have the strong will, then we can keep fit.

When night comes to visit Du Mingli, Shen four knelt before him, give money. Now the Lord Shen in the days of harassment has lost his mind, even if you want to let the real Wu pay for their son's death. All this time in Du Mingli's plan, because he is the side page in the night quietly sneak into the warehouse into a false dragon wu. He is around the boy took the weapon to kill, check the Shenyang master Shen Yuesheng. Once the plot spread, gathering is not just a person's life. Du Mingli to Wu, is in the bag.

A week Yingshuan bell practice one day, finally have a kind of behavior. When she heard Wu hired home, she jumped up with excitement, and the sound of the bell was crisp. I saw Zhou Ying walking into the door with small steps, deliberately whispered softly words, holding the music is very funny. She also wanted to pour tea to her husband, but she fell to the ground because of the awkward walking. Zhou Ying said, sitting on the ground, Wu hired gently pull her up, smiled and said don't practice.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Yingxue rules no decent down)

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